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    (Birds eye)kanthari mulagu 500g

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    Bird’s eye chili is a chili pepper usually seen in Southeast Asian countries. It is also called by the name bird’s chili or Thai chili. In India, it is commonly seen in Meghalaya, Assam and Kerala.

    Birds love to pick the ripe chili and since it is spread by birds they are called by the name bird’s eye chili. In Kerala, bird’s eye chili is known as ‘Kanthaari Mulaku‘. Traditional Kerala dishes have bird’s eye chili as their main ingredient.Bird’s eye chili pepper is considered as one among the ten hottest chili peppers in the world. Compared to other chilies, its production is very low

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    One of the most widely used spice blends in Northern Indian Cooking, garam masala literally translates to hot spice that has about 5-6 types of spices. All the ingredients are well roasted and ground in to a powder form and added in to various delicacies to give them a slightly spicy and pungent flavour

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